• Everybody wants Healthy, Shinning, and Beautiful Hair.
  • Take action install ELTECH shower filter
  • You will notice the difference immediately, once you shower in the filtered water
  • Easy DIY Installation – No tools Required

The Best Hair and Skin products can be ineffective when you wash your Hair, Skin and Body with unfiltered water. Install ELTECH Shower Purifier today to avoid Hair Loss and Dry sensitive skin.


Facial Tap Filter

  • Twin Purifier technology heated infra ceramic
  • Eliminates micro contaminants
  • Specially designed to fit any kitchen sink and wash basin
  • Eliminates residual chlorine and unpleasant odor
  • Retains a healthy dose of flouride
  • Multiple accessories for installation on any tap either at home, office or industry
  • Facial Tap Filter  inner cartridge to be changed after  1 year