Chlorine exposure while showering causes damage to hair:

  • Making it weak and brittle
  • Hair fall and breakage
  • Dry & frizzy
  • Makes Hair Dyes/Colors Fade Prematurely.
  • Unhealthy dull skin and early wrinkles
  • 50% of daily exposure to Chlorine and its byproducts are from showering in Chlorinated water.

On site chlorine generator system for 50-65m3 Pools


Electro Chlorinator’s Output 25 gph Cl2 as NaOCl and H2 as Bi-product.
System Mounting Vertical
Available Sodium Hypochlorite 7 ~ 8 gpl (7000 to 8000 ppm)
Installation Non-Hazardous
Electrodes Bipolar
Cell Arrangement PPE
Hours of Operation 8 hours
Design Temperature 50 C
Design Life Reverse Polarity – 2 Years
Electrical Connection Series
Hydraulic Connection Series