We are known among our customers as a leading-edge Sustainable Solutions provider with the technical support at a competitive price. We possess combined experience of water, wastewater, and reuse treatment solutions for diverse industries. Our team has the knowledge and ability to implement projects with the latest advanced state-of-the-art technologies.

Our products are Sustainable, Easy-to-stall, Effortless operation, less or no maintenance, affordable, fast-to-deliver, and steeped with expertise. We take away all your water treatment issues and provide the right solution(s) and equipment to eliminate any water or wastewater related challenges.


The core strength and enthusiasm lies in the professional competence and dedication of its workforce.
ELTECH Group has introduced the NF membrane technology into both commercial and residential markets worldwide.
The status of the company El Tech group was carried forward in the UAE almost 6 years ago.

We have extended hands of expertise, and incorporated the water treatment department.


To become the leading provider of water, wastewater treatment / recycle / reuse / conserve solutions.


To make available “Clean Healthy Water”.

We Meet Your Requirements

As a leader in the manufacture of Nano Filtration systems, we are fully committed to quality, innovation and client service.

Our Principles

All our products are designed, manufactured, tried and tested.

A ‘No Compromise’ commitment to quality and durability is reflected in the extensive use of high grade components.