ELTECH Features

  • Supported by Government Officials
  • Better than Bottled water
  • Using our Water filters you get the highest quality of water for the entire family
  • Blocks and removes all germs and viruses from purified water
  • RO requires electricity to boost tap water pressure
  • Removes dissolved salts
  • Has pre-filtration to work with dirty water

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Our Products


Nano Tech Filtration System

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  • Tap-Filter

    Tap Filter

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  • Shower-Filter

    Shower Filter

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  • Alkaline-Aqua

    Alkaline Aqua

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  • Hydrogen-Water-Bottle

    Hydrogen Water Bottle

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  • Nano-Pure-H2O

    Nano Pure H2O

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  • Jug-Filter-without-Power

    Jug Filter without Power

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  • eco-friendly-domestic-express-filter-without-power

    Eco-Friendly Filter

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  • We assure you

    Better tasting water, hot and cold beverages, Clearer ice cubes.

    • Home appliances and equipment last longer
    • More flavorful foods prepared with water
    • Plants thrive on quality water
    • A perfect water source for your pets.
    • Free Of Chlorine
    • Protects Your Family From Contaminants
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    Our Testimonials

    Abdul Nasir
    Abdul NasirManager
    I am very happy that I bought a water filter from you. Thank you for installing it for us. We drink so much more water since it was installed. My recycling has been cut in half because I no longer have to buy bottled water.
    Jennifer Logan
    Jennifer LoganHead of Department
    I purchased my Alkaline Aqua over one and half years ago now and I have to say it was the best decision I even made. This product is unrivalled for its quality and price.

    A Comprehensive Water Treatment from Eltech Group

    A Comprehensive Water Treatment from Eltech Group